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Face your fears in Crocodile Farm

Most of the time we all see these terrifying creatures from the movies we watch and we never got a chance to see and feed them in person. Our thoughts can never come true unless we are able to see with our eyes, the true nature of crocodiles. For what seem to be just a hobby at first, the owner with 12 crocodiles initially now ended up with over 2,400 crocodiles to feed.
Crocodile Farm is the largest crocodile farm in Indonesia, this farm is situated at Asam Kumbang, and it has over 2,400 crocodiles of different sizes and species. It is also in this farm where you can see how crocodile eggs hatched, and how the crocodiles are being fed. The oldest crocodile in captivity can be found here at 41 years old and 6 meters long.
To make more fun of your escapade here in Crocodile Farm, there are souvenirs that are displayed and can be bought made up of crocodile's skin. This farm is open from 9:00AM until 5:00PM